Getting a handle on Croydon Cycle Fest

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Let’s face it – at minicabdotcom we’re very much about 4 wheeled modes of transport, not 2 wheels!


But there’s something coming up in Croydon this week that’s created a bit of a buzz so we’re giving some thought to it all ahead of the excitement.


We’re talking about the Croydon Cycle Fest, which takes place around central Croydon this Thursday 18th May from 11am to 9pm. It’s been running a few years now, since 2015, and each year the event gets bigger with an even greater following. 


Of course lots of people will be attracted by the Tour Series and Matrix Fitness GP Series cycle races taking place but more than that, the event is a chance for local people of all ages to get down to it and try something different. You could have a go at cargo bikes, try out folding bikes (who knows – it might even give you the push you need to start cycling to the train station as part of your commute) or even put electric bikes to the test. It’s the old adage: there’s something there for everyone.


One thing that is impacted by the cycle race is that there will of course be road closures around central Croydon as a result of the event. These will begin in the morning and last until a couple of hours after the event is over.


To see exactly which roads are affected click here.


Never fear people of Croydon! We can wholeheartedly recommend avoiding the travel nightmare of exactly what’s open and what isn’t by booking your minicab with for your journey. 


Take a load off. Leave it to us.

(Photo courtesy of the Croydon Advertiser)